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A child abandoned by parents because of his disability appeals for support from Ghanaians

Martin B. Annor shares his ordeal of how he has been abandoned by both parents because of his disability. Speaking in an exclusive interview with TV3, he shared how depressed he is because of his parents rejection and even questioned God why he created him to be disabled; why has He deprived him of his parents affections, and why everything hasn't been easy for him?

According to him, he knows his mum but the relationship or bond between them is not effective because he's disabled. And whenever he tries to ask her why she keeps treating him like she does she gets angry.

Martin can't do anything for himself because of his situation. For this reason, his benevolent grandfather has taken him into custody to take care of him. Unfortunately for his grandpa, he's on pension. He sometimes needs to borrow money to feed him.

Where they even live is not hygienic but unfortunately for them, that's their home. Martin and his grandfather are calling on Ghanaians for their support. He needs food, clothing and conducive place to lay his head.

He's only disabled but very gifted. Guess what? Even with his situation, he can produce liquid soap, hand sanitizers and other hand made stuffs. From how Martin sounded extremely eloquent, it tells he's physically deprived but mentally able to do anything when given the chance.

Upon chancing on the video, i decided to share this story with you. If you're touch by his story and would like to lend hand to support him, kindly contact TV3. Thanks you.

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