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Mary B. Kenner (Inventor of Sanitary Pad): Thanks to her billions of women are safe various diseases

Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner born on (May 17, 1912 - January 13, 2006) was an African-American inventor most noted for her development of the adjustable sanitary belt. This woman is credited to the invention of modern day sanitary pads and other five (5) household and personal item creations.

In the olden days our mothers used towels in place of sanitary pads and after use they will wash it clean and dry hang it on the sun. These practice was encouraged for many decades until Mary Beatrice Kenner genius invention changed everything thing, with the invention of sanitary pads billions of women and children have been helped to get rid of various diseases that may arise from improper menstrual hygiene.

Kenner invented an adjustable sanitary belt with an inbuilt, moisture-proof napkin pocket. She completed the patent application for her invention in 1954. In 1956, the application was approved. The invention was described as an eliminator for chafing and irritation.

History has to be told of great women inventors and creators, we have to inculcate in our children the benefits derived from knowing their roots (history); this will make them appreciate more of who they are.

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