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Watch Video Of Conjoined Twins Riding Bicycle

A video and a brief life story of Conjoined Twins have surfaced online and have gotten a lot of reactions. It is not common to see joined twins in our society but it happens in just a few cases.

Today, a video was shared online about the life story of conjoined twins by their grandmother who is currently taking care of them. The name of these twins are Pin and Pan. Pin is a girl and Pan is a boy. According to their grandmother, when they were conceived their mother kicked the bucket so she is the particular person taking care of them.

Currently, they are twelve years of age and they are from Thailand. According to the grandmother of these conjoined twins, they are the second joined twins recorded in the land of Thailand. The grandmother said that the doctor taking care of them said that when he tries to separate them one might die so she did not accept it.

These twins also shared their experiences and how they have been able to cope with their situation over the years. According to them, at the first, they were not happy to see themselves joined but had no other option than to cope and live with it. They further said that, is their hope that they learn hard and become prominent people in the nearest future.

The interesting aspect which has gotten people talking is that they can ride bicycles on their own despite they are conjoined together.

Below is the picture of them riding bicycles without falling on the ground.

Their grandmother also revealed that seen they were conceived into this atmosphere they can not eat at the same time because they share the same gastrointestinal tract(Digestive System) so one needs to wait for the other person to finish eating before the other person also eats to prevent stomach ache.

Readers, God wonders, and let's pray that God grant pin and pan long life and prosperity. Your comments, views, and opinions are welcomed in the comment section below, and don't forget to share with others.

Click on the link below to watch the video of them riding the bicycle and brief history of them.

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