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“One Will Die”–Twene Jonas’ Life In Danger As He Receives Death Threats.

There is always a limit or extent to which anything on this planet can get, beyond which it might be deemed out of the norm or irregular. It might even pose a danger.

Constant critic and new social media sensation based in the United States, Twene Jonas, seems to have strayed into a path he may not be comfortable with. As it is known of him, he lambasts the government of Ghana and anything he considers as not right in the country.

There are times he veers into other areas. Just recently, he targeted traditional rulers in the country and called them out since he believed many of them were part of the reasons why the problem of galamsey is going out of hand. There was a serious backlash after this . Whiles some people supported what he did, others felt he went too far as it affected traditional leaders who are deeply regarded in the country.

There are times he attacks religious leaders too. For instance, in his latest ‘attack’, he criticized Muslim youth who are used by political figures.

It however seems it did not go down well with some of the Muslim youth as he has courted the displeasure of some who feel disrespected by the manner he went about it.

Many have expressed their opinions strongly with some even threatening his life.

In a video going round, a young man who claimed to be living in Europe said that he did not mind traveling to the United States and hunting down Twene Jonas. He added that the confrontation would be deadly and one of them might end up dead.

Nobody travels to another country to purposely get killed, so it was obvious what the young man wanted to say.

What do you think, is Twene Jonas overdoing things?

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