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Road Accident

Man Dies Instantly After Police Car Crashed With 3 Cars And Injured 6 People

Over the years, car accidents have been killing children, old men and women, young men and young women. According to the statistics we have in Ghana on car accidents, seventy percent (70%) of road crash fatalities and injuries in the economical productive age groups ranges from fifteen to sixty-four years, 3:1 ratio of male to female fatalities with the fifteen to forty-nine year age group being most vulnerable to fatalities.

Angel news has confirmed that a police car on the Kwasieman-Mallam highways have crushed with three cars, killed one man who was on his way to work and injured other six people who were also seeking ways to cross the road.

The police officer couldn't control his steer and hand break due to the traffic light which turned red for all cars to stopped. While it hits the first taxi which was in front of him, the taxi also hit another car in from till it got to a heavy duty car which saved.

As the police cause that havoc, the gentleman who died instantly could had anyways to protect himself but the others were lucky buy they are in severe injury which have sent them to the hospital for treatment.

Here are the cars which involved in the accident according to angel news

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Angel Ghana Kwasieman-Mallam


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