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18 Year Old Burns a Little Boy at Kasoa

Wow, what a place Kasoa is turning out to be in these month of April. Kasoa has long been known as a tough place evident with this was the numerous incidents that happened during the 2020 presidential elections for which many armed policemen and soldiers had to attend to.

But in these couple of weeks, looks like we might have underestimated what we thought of Kasoa. Just last two weeks a woman had a head hit by an unknown passerby with a huge stick. The woman has been reported to be suffering from seizures or commonly epilepsy since the incident.

They were once again in the news after two teenagers, 16 and 17 year olds killed a younger one of less than 10 year and cut his ear with the intention of using that for money rituals, popularly called SAKAWA in our setting. But they were caught by the police. It’s been all grieve sorrow and sadness for the family and friends of the little boy.

While the whole country has been brooding on the sorrow this story had brought us, we have yet another to cry for. ‘What at all is happening in Kasoa..?’ is the follow up question most Ghanaians ask after hearing these sad stories.

Well It looks like Kasoa is on some spree of bad intents. Today as about 2 hours ago, it was reported by the national radio stations that an 18 year old boy had burnt a minor of about 8 years old. The mum of the boy when asked about this said the 18 year old boy poured diesel on her son and set him ablaze ablaze .

an image of the little boy as published by one new-site today

Upon arrival of the police, the father of the 18 year old boy said he son was only 14 years and the police returned back to their base, without apprehending the culprit.

How can we even protect our families, ourselves and loved ones from this horrible flare in Kasoa.

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