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Video: An 8 Year Old Child Caught In Robbery; See How He Entered The Room

Children of today need serious attention from their parents. Child negligence is one of the key factors leading to badly behaved children in the society. These same children grow up with the bad behaviors and become bad adults. A child whose age is about 8 years old has been caught in robbery. Below is how he entered the room.

As a result of child negligence, a child who is not even an adult yet has started looting people's houses at his young age.

He was caught in a hose that has been completely fenced after he had managed to enter one of the rooms to steal money.

When he got caught, he was forced by the man in the house to show how he entered the room.

He did as he was asked to do. He first claimed the wall and made sure no one sees him. He then jumped into the back side of the house and tiptoed closer to the window of the room he looted.

There was a metal laid against the house. He climbed the metal and broke the ceiling from that side. He then entered the the room through the broken ceiling and took the money in the room.

When he was asked, he said he was hungry. So he took it to buy food.

Below is the video.

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