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11 Foods That Can Kill You Before You Even Know It, Check if you eat one

The food list I'll list here are foods we eat every day. It's not like these foods are deadly, but they can kill if taken too much, or other species are taken. These foods are foods that you can find or eat in your kitchen. They are delicious, though possibly dangerous.

1. Cherry stones

Cherry pits are great when taken in small amounts, but they are fatal when eaten too much. They contain hydrogen cyanide which is so toxic that a mere 0.1 gram of cherry pits can kill a 150 pound man. So if you eat cherry pits, just take one.

2. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are mushrooms, at the thought of mushrooms I'm sure you know that doesn't sound really good. There are mushrooms that are edible and some are deadly, but you know what, deadly and edible mushrooms look the same. So be sure what type of mushroom you are eating.

3. Ackee

Found in West Africa, it is a delicious favorite dish of the locals. However, if harvested before full ripening, it contains hypoglycin A which causes vomiting and hypoglycemia which leads to death. Its seeds are so dangerous that they have been banned in the United States.

4. Cashew nuts

First, these are seeds and not nuts, which means you have been misled the whole time. Their shells are deadly and have a layer of anacardic acid which can burn your skin if mishandled or give you an upset stomach. In their raw state, they contain urushiol, a chemical found in poison ivy and can be fatal if consumed too much. The next time you want to eat cashews, think twice.

5. Red beans

This bean is popular because it is regularly used for salad. However, kidney beans contain a high level of phytohemagglutinin, which makes them toxic. However, if properly cooked, the poison can be killed.

6. Rhubarb

The leaves of the plant are lethal, they contain oxalic acid which causes burns to the mouth, throat and difficulty in breathing, death in a coma.

7. Peanuts

About 1% of the American population suffers from a peanut allergy, making it the most common allergy. If you are allergic and ingest peanut related products, or even inhale it in the air, you can get seriously ill or even die.

8. Potatoes

The potatoes we eat are fine, but green potatoes can kill you. It contains a poison called solanine which causes serious illness if consumed in large amounts.

9. Putterfish

This fish is more toxic than the cyanide found in the cherry pits mentioned in no. 2. They can cause rapid, violent and poisonous death. A lot of people die when amateur chefs try to cook for themselves. So a chef with at least two years of training and a license is the only person you can trust to cook putterfish.

10. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is hallucinogenic if consumed in large quantities. This can cause seizures, palpitations, nausea, visual distortion, and feelings of paranoia. It only takes three spoons to feel the effects. It is also very toxic to dogs.

11. Hotdog

Hotdog has questionable meat content. Hot dogs are the number one cause of choking injuries in children under three. Chew slowly or they may choke to death.

Too much of all is hazardous. You never know what is beyond this food, try to eat in small amounts.

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