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It Is Illegal For The Soldiers To Burn The Confiscated Excavator - Bobby Benson

A private legal Practitioner, Bobby Benson, has spoken against the burning of the seized excavator by the soldiers deployed to clampdown on the activities of galamsey.

Bobby Benson made this statement as a panelist on "THE KEYPOINTS' on TV3 when he gave his opinion on the deployment of soldiers to clampdown on the activities of illegal miners by the government.

According to him, the problem of burning these machines is that there will be a lack of transparency. We will not know how many excavators have been seized, those burnt, and the people who own these excavators.

He stated that nobody is against the action of the government to stop illegal mining in Ghana, but the actions must be strategic, planned, consistent, and must conform with existing laws that we have on such activities.

"When I read the announcement of the operation, I said to myself, did these people read the law at all? We have the mineral and mining act just amended in 2020, particularly tackling the issues of galamsey.

The laws state very clearly that if you are engaged in illegal mining activities, you must pay a fine and also serve a term of imprisonment.

So, the law doesn't say that we should burn excavators of illegal miners. These excavators did not walk to these places, they were driven there and man by a human being." - he stated

He concluded by asking that, why are we afraid to tackle the root cause of the issue by arresting the people who are behind these operations?

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