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'If you rob my mother again, I will kill you' - Man threatens Pastor before filing a police report

Bashing into a police station doesn't mean you have a case, said the accused pastor, as he walked into the Duampo Police Station this morning. Pastor Alfred Osei, a one-man pastor had been accused of robbing a 66-year-old woman of her pension salary for more than six months and had been called to the Duampo Police station to answer a police complaint. 

What angers me the most, is the recent 18,000cedis I sent my mother to complete our a family house, which this man who calls himself a pastor, had used devilish means to take the money from my mother that he was going to pray on it before handing back the money to her. If I wasn't smart to have sent my boys on him, he would have taken the money, said the 39-year-old Antwi Daniel, the man accusing Pastor Alfred Osei of being a thief.

Pastor Alfred Osei before speaking, bowed down his head to pray to his creator to give him wisdom and peace to speak as his enemies were unto him this very morning. Please, shall we continue, the station officer Patrick Nti, said after the pastor wasted five minutes of his time on prayers.

Did you start from where you threatened me? The pastor questioned his accuser Daniel Antwi before briefing the police on how Daniel had earlier threatened him in his house before coming to the station. Did you threaten him, the police officer asked Daniel. Yes, I did, Daniel answered in anger. He is a cheat and fraudster so I told him I will destroy him if he takes any money from my mother again.

That is not what you said please, the pastor said before pulling his phone from his pocket and placing it on the counter desk. In what happened to be a phone recording of an earlier meeting between Pastor Alfred Osei and Daniel Antwi, heard Daniel categorically stating that he was going to kill the pastor over his pastoral lifestyle. If you rob my mother again, I will kill you and I mean it, Daniel said in the voice recording.

Is that your voice, the officer asked. Daniel answered yes and that was why I came here to make a complaint so when I kill him, his family will know he stole money from my mother. Daniel still stood by his threats despite knowing the effects it carries. 

You know if something happens to him, we will hold you responsible, the officer said. Unless he is ready to dupe my mother again, he has no reason to be afraid, Daniel justified his threat once again after the officer laid down the serious consequences behind it.

Daniel filed the police report accusing the pastor of being a thief and second, protecting his interest that, he will kill the pastor if he ever takes any money from his mother again. The pastor also made a counter-report stating that, if anything happens to him for the next two years, the police and his family should hold Daniel responsible.

Whatever happens to the pastor in the next two years, Daniel will be held responsible and whether he will be found guilty of the crime will depend on whether the pastor took any money from his mother or not. If you want to live and enjoy life, stay your criminal activity from my mother or else funeral, Daniel warned again at the station. 

Gentlemen, I need peace, Officer Patrick Nti said in restraining the two angry men from exchanging words. We are clear here, if anything happens to the pastor from now up to 1 September 2023, you Daniel Antwi will be held responsible and you Pastor Alfred  Osei is better you stay away from Daniel's mother, the officer said in settling the case this morning.

Though the pastor is not willing to stay away from Daniel's mother which means, the woman will somehow give him money. But whether Daniel will have the gust to pull a trigger at his fellow human being will all depend on the aftermath of today. 

Pastor Alfred Osei has been counselled by the Duampo police to stay away from Daniel's mother just so the two can stay at peace, but whether the pastor listens or not, will be his own problem.

Content created and supplied by: RockyJDJones (via Opera News )

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