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'Nana, if she didn't take it, leave her alone' - Woman, 30, raises curses on her sister over GH¢300

Angela Manu, the youngest surviving daughter of the late Inspector Manu of Asante Akyem Banka, had raised eggs and salt in the air and splashed them on the floor of their family house over her missing money; a three hundred cedis amount she left under her mattress on Saturday 9 October. Angela after twenty-four hours of not finding the money took two locally produced eggs from a hen and called the gods of her forefathers to curse whoever had the money.

With an aimed personality in the curse, Angela mentioned her elder sister; Anita Manu, 34, and called the gods to strike her to death if she had anything to do with the money before using Anita's four-year-old son as a Thanksgiving to the gods if she was the one that took the money. Nobody can take my struggles for granted, because I work hard for every penny and it was with those penny savings I have been able to mount that three hundred cedis.

Nana Antoa, if any human being I share blood with took the money, kill her, and use her son for Thanksgiving. Nana, if she didn't take it, leave her alone but if she did take it, give me justice, Angela said in making her curse to the gods of her ancestors, Antoa. Angela with no fear of murdering her sister over the said money if she was the one that took it, pointed her curse directly to her sister over her suspicions of her being the one behind the missing money.

Anita Manu, 34, the elder sister of Angela Manu never spoke a word as she sat in silence with her left hand supporting her chin. Anita knew war would break in the house if she dared open her mouth, and watched her younger sister in peace as she directed her curses to her and her son last night. Whether it was Anita that took the money or not, Angela should know they are sisters and murdering somebody like a sister is not cool, the assemblywoman, Erica Seckah Mawulor said before dragging the women to the Banka traditional home last night.

Both women; Anita Manu the accused and Angela Manu, will appear before the Banka traditional council today and explain the cause of the curse to the elders and chiefs of Banka. It is a crime punishable by seven sheep, a cartoon of Coca-Cola or any beverage and two schnapps if you are found guilty of cursing someone within Banka traditional area.

Angela Manu, the woman that issued the curse knew it is a crime to curse someone within Banka since her late father was once an inspector of Banka and a traditional council member. The curse which was directed to the sister, Anita Manu, might have even started working since Angela used salt in the ceiling the curse. The salt which signifies fast connection is used in curses for faster results. 

It hasn't been established but it is rumoured Angela would be forced to reverse the curse should she confess to having cursed her sister with salt and eggs even before the case would be heard, if not, something might happen even before the case is settled peacefully, the assemblywoman Erica Mawulor hinted.

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