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Meet the 33-year old Ghanaian "Man" named Akua Who Has Both Male And Female Reproductive Organs.

Mr. Brown, a Ghanaian "man" from the Eastern Region of Ghana, has now made a personal confession by revealing that he owns both sex organs, which is why he was given the nickname "Akua" as a child. Through the years, medical examinations performed on him have revealed that he is predominantly a male in comparison to his feminine side. Several procedures to remove his feminine organ were attempted, but none of them was successful.

Mr. Akua suffers from severe aches on a daily basis as a result of the failed surgery, and he prepares for another surgery to help remedy the prior ones that went wrong.

Mr. Brown's condition is considered to be extremely rare and is known in medicine as hermaphroditism. In an interview with journalists, Akua admitted to the disorientation he experienced as a child. He claims that he had no notion which part of the gender hierarchy he belonged to.

He reveals that using the washroom at school caused him great embarrassment due to his uncommon condition of having both organs: "My parents named me Akua, but I felt I was more male than female, so I changed my name to Brown and stopped wearing female dresses," he says.

He reveals that when he turned 20 years old, he went to a medical laboratory for tests, which revealed that his male hormones worked better than his female hormones, and it was then that he decided to begin on a surgical path.

However, all four procedures he has had so far have gone wrong, leaving him with nothing but excruciating aches. Mr. Akua hopes to be able to find love and have a family as soon as possible. Intersex is another term for his condition.

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