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Video: ' What Is Currently Happening In Our SHS's? ', Boy Caught Threatening His Mate With A Knife

From love affairs to smoking and now it's violence. Currently, there are a lot of bad things going on in our senior high schools. Recently viral videos of senior high school couples and a school girl smoking Surfaced and caused a lot of traffic online.

Few hours ago, a video which features a two school boys who were engaged in a heated argument Surfaced online. In the video, during the cause of their heated argument one of them decided to pull out a knife to threaten his colleague.

This act of his has caused a lot of social media users to react to the video. Most of the social media users could be seen condemning the reaction of the boy who pulled out the knife. Although the cause of the exchange of words is still not known, most people say it is just bad for him to pull out a knife to threaten his mate.

While other social media users are also of the view that this boy should be dealt with severely to serve as deterrence to others.


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