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Road Accident

Nation Wreckers:What Happens To Drivers Who Destroys Traffic Lights And Street Lights?

Not only does careless driving increase the risk of fatal accidents, but it also costs the country a lot of money. Reckless drivers have knocked out many traffic lights and lighting across the country. Because there aren't enough cameras to catch these folks, the majority of them flee without looking back. A solar-powered traffic light at Ablekuma Pentecost Junction, where a traffic light has been lowered to the ground, is a good example. For over two years, the traffic has been sitting unattended with no one to fix it.

As a result of this, many people have been killed or injured on the road because it is a highway. On the road, speeding is fairly usual.

This sad event occurred not only at Pentecost Junction. Many of them have been brought down on major roadways across the country, and it appears that no one cares to fix them.

Many Ghanaians are gradually adopting the mindset that if something belongs to the government, we should handle it carelessly since, after all, it belongs to the government. I don't believe America or Germany would be a better place today if citizens were not aware of and concerned about government property. It's past time for us to change our minds once and for all.

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Ablekuma Pentecost Nation Wreckers


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