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Theft robbery

(Bad Operation):See How A Thief Was Shot Dead By A Person He Tried To Steal From.

The crime rate in Ghana is really at a high nowadays. It seems not to be safe anymore to walk about alone. It is not even all that safe when walking in groups as you can still now be ambushed by a group of criminals. We all thought Kasoa was the only place with such hardcore criminals who enact or execute their plans in broad daylight but that is not the case now. It is seen everywhere in the country and at anytime.

It is no long time ago that we heard of motorists attacking a bullion van which led to the killing of 2 people and another group of motorists again at a forex bureau. I am not saying all motor riders are criminals but it seems like it is the medium of transport for these criminals in their acts. Today’s article is about on person who this time punished a man who tried to steal from him/her(identity not known yet).In a video sighted by the Realnews_around, a group of two thieves tried to pull out a smart one on a private car at night(judging by the colour of the sky) but ended in tears. It started when these two men rode pass the victim of robbery’s car and one jumped from it, walked to the front passengers side and pulled his head into the car whiles holding something in his hands.

Unfortunately enough for the thief, the person inside the car had already prepared for such encounter and as soon as the thief’s head was inside, there were two shot paw, paw and down went the robber. The partner upon seeing and hearing the gun shots took off and went away.

He came back after the shooter had left the premises.

Content created and supplied by: Realnews_around. (via Opera News )

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