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Meet The Man Who Predicted In 1926 That, People Will Use Mobile Phones In The Future.

A twitter user post what claims to show a 1963 newspaper article which accurately predicted that, people would be able to carry a phone in their pocket in the future.

the article even features a picture of a woman holding something that looks like a modern flip- cell phone.

It’s not fake.

The article was originally published on April 18th, 1963 in the Mansfield, Ohio News Journal.

but, is it true that, the first time a prediction was made about cell phones was in 1963? certainly not, predictions about cell phones got back much further than that.

In 1926, Nicola Tesla predicted people would one day be able to communicate instantly with one another with devices that fit inside a vest pocket.

there is also another genuine newspaper clipping from 1953 which also features a relatively accurate prediction about future telephones.

this is what is says;

There’ll Be No Escape in Future from Telephones

Pasadena – AP – The telephone of the future?

Mark R. Sullivan, San Francisco, president and director of the Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co., said in an address Thursday night:

“Just what form the future telephone will take is, of course, pure speculation. Here is my prophecy:

“In its final development, the telephone will be carried about by the individual, perhaps as we carry a watch today. It probably will require no dial or equivalent, and I think the users will be able to see each other, if they want, as they talk.

‘Who knows but what it may actually translate from one language to another?”

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