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Two groups of slay queens caught in a battle because of a man (watch full video)

These days we see a lot of young women parading them selves around as slay queens. They do different kinds of things just to get the attention of the public. Some of these slay queens typically walk together in groups and an offence to any member of the group is an offence to the entire group.

In a video which has been trending online, two groups of slay queens were caught fighting each other. It was apparently discovered that the fight between them was because of a man. The incident tool place in Jamaica. In the video which was taken by an unknown person, a lady from one of the groups was patiently waiting for another lady from the other approaching from a distance. One they came close to each other, the fight ensued. They exchanged series of punches for a while before another lady came in to calm things down.

It looked like her style of calming down the situation was not so palatable so the other ladies from the other group pounced on her. This escaladed another fight and eventually, everybody was fighting with somebody.

The situation was not a pleasant one. It was later discovered that the fight between the two groups ensued becaudse a member of one of the groups snatched the boyfriend of another member of the second group. Watch the video below;


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