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Divorce Affair

Man Burns His Wife’s House For Cheating On Him

A man burns his wife’s house for cheating on him and that is wickedness

A certain man burns his wife house all because the wife cheated on him, this incident happened in Ghana.

According to the man he said he, he married his wife for soo many years with three kids and they live happily, but after some time now his wife has been behaving strangely, she talk to him anyhow , she always come home from work late and when he ask her she will be giving excuses, misunderstanding came so the woman moved to her own apartment for some weeks without coming to her husband’s house

So there was a certain day that was Saturday, the man decide to go and visit his wife in her own apartment.

He went there not knowing the door was not locked, so he knocked once and entered and found his wife with another man on bed, the man didn’t say a word, he moved out from the house angrily to his house.

His wife tried to call him but he didn’t answer.The other day that was Sunday, the wife went to church and on her way back from church to her house she saw smoke coming out from her house, she quickly went there and found that her house is on fire but her neighbors told her that they saw a certain man running out from her house.

The woman reported to the police station and they investigated and found out that it was her husband who did that so the police went to the man’s house, not knowing the man was about to run away so they arrested the him.

Bellow is the link to the full video

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