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See What This Young Guy Was Doing To A Picture Of A Lady On A Billboard

The country is hot and everyone is on the run to get whatever they can to fix the heat. Hence, taking everything seriously in this country would only disturb your sanity.

This is a very interesting country and with a lot of hilarious occurrences. One of such hilarious occurrences is what we are about to discuss today.

A young man trending on social media was captured on camera touching the backside of a picture of a lady on a billboard. Strangely, the young man behaved as though the woman was real and standing right before him.

Many social media users who chanced on the video suggested that people should not be quick to crucify the young man because perhaps he is just doing that to entertain people and he didn't harm anyone hence he doesn't deserve any harsh judgments.

However, most of the social media reactions found the video extremely funny. The video was shared by blogger Zionfelix.

Content created and supplied by: Rahman3009 (via Opera News )


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