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Landlord Locks Gate With a Snake After Tenants Failed to Pay Rent

A disgruntled landlord has given a whole new meaning to the term “throwing a hissy fit” after locking the gate to his property with a snake after tenants fell behind on their rent.

In the picture, an average-sized green snake can be seen wrapped around the lock of an orange colored gate.

Writing alongside the post, Sonko explained that the landlord decided to wrap the reptile around the lock “after tenants failed to clear September and October rent arrears.”

According to reports, Samuel was said to have discreetly placed the snake on his tenants apartment door after they went to work in the morning.

The landlord who is from the Kunda Kindu area in Kitui town of Kenya surprised locals of the town after putting up a live snake to collect his rent arrears.

The snake which is said to be diabolical was seen unmoving and failed to crawl away from the gate despite not being bound.

The tenants failure to pay up their accumulated rent arrears comprising September and October made the impatient landlord carry out such drastic action on them.

In the past, Ukambani has made headlines for reasons that were unexpected.This isn't the first time a snake has attacked a man in the same neighborhood.

Others have claimed that witchcraft was common in Kitui because of its reputation.A week ago, a woman at the famous Ukambani stage was pleading for aid after a swarm of bees assaulted her for stealing from one of the residents.

Content created and supplied by: Auntykuma (via Opera News )

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