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Dirty jobs that pay well : number 2 is paid 50 thousand dollars a year to smell armpits

You may hate your job so much that you may probably be contemplating quitting it to find a better job with good working environment and a hefty salary you will be shocked to know the nature of these few jobs that seem disgusting and weird but actually pay very huge amounts.

Let us look at a few of such jobs which a lot of people may never try to do due to how difficult they look but pay much.

1.Mortician: This job will need a very courageous and fearless person to be able to handle dead bodies and having to cremate their remains to look nice and be preserved for a long time.

Mostly in Africa there are even stories of dead bodies tormenting these morticians and may even be very difficult due to the hallucinations they go through.

2.Armpit smellers are mostly jobs with require people with high sense of smell and whose duties are to sense the smell of products such as perfumes and deodorants from people's armpits to determine how good or bad the product may be.

They work through out the day and may sniff up to 70 armpits a day to determine the right product for the right job, they are mostly paid between $50k-$70k a year.

3.Sewage inspectors are people whose jobs are to swim in manholes to Inspect whether they is crack or a hole that allows faeces to come out and also fix any if they come across one.

Also in case someone mistakenly falls into a collapsing manhole or toilet a professional sewage inspector is needed to save the person since walking through very hot faeces requires a bit of professionalism.

4.Garbage collectors are mostly seen looking dirty due to the nature of the job but in most foreign countries it is one of the most highly paid job.

It involves driving a dumpster truck through communities to collect rubbish in dustbins which mostly smell bad did it’s content, they some time develop respiratory diseases due to the smell.

In some countries they are paid as much $100k per year and the amount looks attractive due to fact that it’s just a few people who agree to do such jobs and they are mostly scarce so a high salary will be enough to attract some.

5.Crime scene cleaner is a person who is in charge of cleaning the up a spot where a murder has occurred , he is supposed to wrap the dead body in a case and clean up any blood or excreter around to make the place cleaner enough for the police to do their investigation.

This job are mostly in the western world and are said to be very scarce but whose salary may be up to 100 thousand per year.

Which of these jobs looks the most hostile and will you do it if you’re ever given the opportunity to ? Please let us know in the comment box below and please share this article to your friends and family thanks for reading.

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