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The Alleged Kidnappers were Not Going To Kidnap Her - The Truth Finally Out.

The truth behind the alleged kidnapping of Judith by some unknown personalities finally revealed as monitored and investigated by various police officers.

This news became the talk over the week after the alleged kidnappers landed in the hands of the Ghana Police.

Per the news, Judith an SHS student who nearly fell victim to the kidnapping had a new friend while in school. The new friend (suspect) decided to pay her a visit in the school to check on her. According to Judith, she never got the idea of who the person was, the complexion, the height and others. The suspect telling Judith of their visit to the school insisted to appear at the school when Judith to her to stop. 

The suspect faithful to his words appeared at the campus with the reason to visit her new friend. 

Judith upon monitoring the call with the suspect sensed danger decided to call the mom.

Judith upon reaching the mom explained everything to the mom identified as Madam Alberta. The Mother told her to find a way to secure her self and lead them to the house.

The Mother after call with the daughter went to tell other resident as they troupe in to the house. 

Judith adhere to her mother's advice and did as the mother said, she intelligently lead the suspect to their house.

Their arrival at the house attracted a massive a number of the community members as the group in. The resident noticing their presence pounced on them which plunged allegations at the moment.

The community asked Judith the suspects' whereabouts and she said she knows nothing about. This heated the community up which nearly mounted violence. The mother recommended the people to calm down over the action.

The community exercised patience and handed them over to the police. Angel News revealed that, the suspect weren't kidnappers as people know but rather Lesbians and addwanted actually wanted to practice the act with Judith and initiate her into Lesbianism.

This came out when the police officer engaged them. 

The suspects still in the police custody for further investigation to be done.

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