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Ghanaians Troll a Lady who used all her life savings, took a loan, to take care of a man

I just signed up for Twitter while scrolling. When I click on it, I see a "trending for you" called "OBUATION". The things I read almost made me cry. It is the story of a woman named Comfort Bliss Gh. According to him, he took care of his friend named Richard. He used up all of his savings and even went as far as to take out a loan from a bank only to see him become a soldier. In short, he has graduated and is now preparing to marry another woman.

Social media has to say.

"The lawyer representing the woman is ready to take this matter to the Supreme Court's No Obuasi wedding ceremony tomorrow."

"Okay. There's some news, but we're still going to Obuasi for the wedding because we're not going to be there to judge who's right or not. We just know there's going to be violence and we'll be there to share the news.

"The information that has reached me is that the car we are taking is leaving. Obuasi has been with the mechanics, so far they have not found the fault."

"A soldier who had been sponsored by a woman for years and who thought they were getting married asked him to return all the money he had spent on her. He asked her to pay before he married another woman tomorrow. Obuasi was forcefully crushed.

"I love you and I'm disappointed that he did all this. You are not the woman I thought.

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