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Only three months into 2021, Over 30 students have died by Road Accidents and Water - More details

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Road accidents are becoming unbearable in the country since at least every week an accident is reported somewhere in the country.

Is just three months into 2021 but people who lost their lives through accidents are mind blowing. Sad story about this that more of the victims of this road accidents are students.

Another thing students and young people this 2021 is water, we have had almost three cases where children have been drowned in water bodies, a quick reminder is the drowned Apam children where about 14 children who were all students died.

Many roads accidents have been reported lately involving innocent school children leading them to death. Over 30 students have been reported dead due to road accidents and others drowned in water this year.

Would you hold the government responsible for this? What do you think the government can do to put a stop to this accidents?

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