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Check out the reaction of a teenage boy after he was caught for allegedly killing a 10 year old for rituals

A video has been seen circulating online which shows two young men who have been arrested for allegedly killing a 10 year old boy for rituals. In the video, the poor young boy was seen lying down lifeless in a pool of blood as the two suspects were caught and tied in a pickup to the police station.

People were seen in the video in a total shock and amazed by the actions of these two men. Others were also heard sadly crying out the name of the deceased. According to reports, these men killed the young boy to do rituals but unfortunately for them, their evil actions couldn't work and they were caught.

When you look the video well, you could see that one of the suspect was looking angry and didn't show any sign of remorse from his facial expression. He was seen talking and showing some gestures which do not conform with someone who is guilty and remorseful. Despite his actions, it didn't deter the citizens from punching him. While his other colleague was seen crying, he was doing otherwise and talking. The look on his face and his reactions didn't resemble someone who has regretted from his actions but it was different thing altogether.

Click on the link below to watch the video:

Credit: Angel TV

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