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Public Safety




Road Accident

Extremely overloaded vehicles you will ever see. The pressure mounted on the cars is too massive

Perhaps one day you saw a car loaded with so much luggage and necessities that it almost touched the ground from the back and the driver of that car was struggling to maintain the balance of the car and keep it on the road until reaching the specified location.

Well, this article is going to be based on such instances. Overloading in a car or various vehicles is a source of danger that must be alerted and reduced to maintain the general safety of both drivers and others.

Overloading is more dangerous when it comes to cargo trucks as they carry heavy weights of tens of tons and possibly hundreds, which in turn cause a set of risks

It is worth mentioning that excessive load of people on public transport is illegal and threatens the loss of life.

To the drivers, please do well to choose the appropriate and safe procedures to avoid a large number of preventable disasters. Please don't overload your vehicles.

Below are some pictures of extremely overloaded vehicles. You just look at the pressure they have mounted on the cars.

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