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Be Careful And Disease From Calling People Names Like Donkey, Dog And The Likes - Mufti Menk Advises

A Zimbabweans well known Islamic cleric Mufti Menk has warn people who like calling or insulting others donkey, dogs and the likes to disease from such act.

According to Sheikh Mufti Menk, the Haman and the Donkey or the dog are from the same species and are also from the same creator, hence one should be very careful when your emotions get better of you.

Mufti Menk believes that, such negative act is not good. He says people should remember that all negativity that one Exude will surely come back you one day.

“ when you let your emotions get the better of you, be careful. When you start insulting others and calling them names, like Donkey, dog etc, be careful. Are we not from the same species? Do we not share the same creator?” He quizzes

He went further to state that, “ Remember all the negativity you exude, will come back to you!” he tweeted. Mufti Menk is well known of his strong motivational messages.

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By: Mohammed Ibn Nanzari Charisma

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