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Evil is a Necessary Devil (Opinion)

Domestic violence is said and beloved to be bad, but there's something good about it: there's peace after a war. We are taught discipline, respect, common sense the hardest and hottest way.

Holy books counsel or advise us not to steal, but the truth about the economic aspects of theft, burglary, armed robbery among others is that jobs are created:

Security companies and police services around the globe clearly and explicitly indicate that evil ones make the world go round, give human society food for thought, compel people to take precautionary measures to protect themselves against criminals and create employments in the process.

We become unsuspecting and careless in a crime-free society.

We tend to be wiser in the wake of bad experiences.

Advice does not really advise, counselling does not really counsel better than the consequences of evil deeds

Who can dare have an affairs with the spouse of a notorious fetish priest or wizard in a given village? This is unthinkable.

Evil people are like social, moral and spiritual regulators.

COVID19 has taught the world many hygiene lessons.

Greed brings the very best economic secret out of human nature: The greedy are richer and live bigger.

You learn several things from being cheated on or dumped.

Whatever cannot be learned in wisdom will be learned in hardship the hardest and hottest way.

Global economy always grows following any global economic crisis as people draw lessons from the evil things they did.

People who have seen it all in life can appreciate life much better than you can imagine.

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