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After thunder killed and injured a farmer and 4 other people at Central/R these are the safety tips

Disaster management and prevention had become a difficult task of late due to the mentality of some individuals and how they engrossed disaster issues.

The 7 continents in the world have had it difficult to bring some natural disasters under control due to it's higher intensity and the little efforts we had made just to tackle such problems.

Disaster is just any misfortune or any natural or artificial phenomenon that has the tendency to cause havoc, death and destruction to human and animal lives and devastations to properties.

Natural disasters like earthquake, strong wind, flooding, tornadoes are among some of the top natural disasters but the worst thing that occured in the Assin North in the Central region had become a cause to worry about.

A farmer 42 year old farmer who had successfully finished with his farming expedition met the untimely death whiles 4 other people got themselves injured all because of the deadly thunderstorm that stormed the Central region on Wednesday evening at exactly 6:43 PM after a heavy downpour.

People had been caught by fears and panic and as to how best they can do away with thunder strikes and it's dangerous effects remains the topic on board.

Agencies like the National Disaster Management Organization, NADMO had caution people on the dangers that come with thunder strikes but it seems most people turn death ears to the matter.

Per the disaster management and prevention course I did in one semester at the University of Education Winneba, I would deemed it highly expedient to unravel some of the safety tips to lighting and thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms or electrical storm death and injuries are better minimized and curb through the following safety tips below;

1. Avoid the use of household metallic pan on the head just to collect rain water from the roofing sheets or outside the house. Such material is a good conducted of electricity and thunder can easily strikes in them and gets the person electrocuted

2. Mobile phones, radio, television and all other electronic gadgets or appliances must be switched off.

3. We must also be mindful that lighting and thunderstorms travel through wires, metallic bars, concrete floors made with iron rods and as such, individuals should not just sleep or lie on the bare concrete floors.

4. We should not encourage children to bath in the opening during a heavy downpour of rain associated with lighting and thunderstorms.

5. We should avoid staying at hilly or mountainous areas since people staying in such places are vulnerable or proned to such disasters.

6. We shouldn't move around in an open space whiles there is lighting since we can be struck hard by thunder.

7. Do not lean against a car but just get inside and in the course of driving, you can hide under an overpass or overhead bridge

8. Put your house on surge protection system

9. Stay indoors till the storm is over

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