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Primary Education


VIDEO: Check Out What These Students Were Captured Doing On A Street

Children are always curious to know the meaning of everything they come across. They love touching and asking questions about new and old things that they come across. In view of this, parents are always advised to hide certain sensitive and dangerous objects from them till they come of age.

Looking at the screenshot below, two primary pupils have been captured standing beside a 'naked' woman's statue by the roadside. One cannot tell what they were doing at this place at that time, whether it was school hours or closing time.

But these children were captured looking at the statue as if they have seen a real 'naked' woman. The statue has been designed in such a way that it looks extremely sexy. These children were caught putting their hands at where the female vagina is. The uniform they were wearing looks that of government school's uniform in Ghana.

Some Ghanaians after coming across this video were shocked these children could not get any place of this statue to touch except the female thing. Others said that whoever put such a statue there on the street is the main cause. They argued that children always want to feel anything new that they come across.

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