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Sakawa Boy Trying To Use Pregnant Women For Money Rituals.

I was in the room with my husband when an unknown man try to barge in our room when my husband asked me to bring him what he sent me during the day, It was around 9 o'clock pm in the night when he started knocking our door. We were very scared to hear that strange knock from our door when we were not expecting any visitor around that ungodly hour.

The husband explain further that the strange man started saying I should present my wife to him now or he will break our door. It was very scary so he rush to our window when he realize we are not ready to open the door, the moment he left to the back window I opened the door for my wife and my three years baby to run away. He was still pushing the window very hard , so he succeeded in breaking my glasses in the window flame. He started pushing his head inside the room when he saw me holding a knife he pulled his head back and stood there for a very long time because he was still looking for my wife to kill her right infront of me.

The Sakawa Boy went back to my window and I open my door and run away to call my neighbors , when I came back he has destroy all our things in the room all because he couldn't kill my wife. But my neighbor told me he is around since he couldn't reach my wife, so we should look for him we started searching around my plantain farm when we saw him. He started running away and my brother told him to stop if not he will shoot him he was scared and we cought him to the police station.

When we went to the station, the police asked him why he was trying to kill my wife, he said" he is looking for two pregnant women he got only one, so left with another one, he needs her so badly to sell it to someone immediately and he landed himself into trouble while trying to get the last woman, He tried to expose the people who sent him He said all this to Oheneba TV on Facebook.

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Sakawa Sakawa Boy


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