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END TIME IS NEAR: This is What a Beautiful Lady Was Caught Doing in Public That Got People Angry

As the world continues to evolve, we continue to experience strange things that always make us wonder where the world is heading to. The desperation in people to make money is getting out of hand, and if we are not careful things may get worse in the future.

The God who created us as indeed provided one or two things for us to feed on, he gave us the ability to engage in farming, he gave us livestock for personal consumption and for rearing. But humans beings are never satisfied and we always look for a way to put ourselves into trouble, by stealing from people who worked so hard to accumulate their own wealth too.

A beautiful young lady disgraced herself and tarnished her own image by engaging in stealing. The young lady was caught in the afternoon by a group of market men and women who saw her while carrying out her mission. A Facebook user known as Precious Eze, was the one who shared the pictures on Facebook for people to see.

Reports have it that the lady had gone to the market place to buy a chicken, she requested for a large number of chickens from the seller so the seller went to another shop to get more from her fellow market women.

Surprisingly before she came back she the lady was caught packing eight chickens inside a sack, and she was about to take off before a group of market women caught her and asked her to show what was in her sack.

The lady was stripped naked by the market women and beaten mercilessly. This unfortunate incident happened in a state called Benin city in Nigeria. The lady was totally disgraced and was made to tie the chickens around her waist, as she was paraded nakedly inside the market and straight down to the police station who apprehended her subsequently.

Only God knows what pushed her into such a shameful act, but we should all learn from what happened to her. We should all realise that an idle hand is the devil's workshop. Let's all try to engage ourselves in a little way so that we don't have any reason to steal or beg for food from anybody.

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Precious Eze


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