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Enough Is Enough: Who Should Be Blamed For This Daily Mess? Government Or The People?

I've had a lot of encounters with people who were littering in much the same way. When I tried to rectify their bad habits, many of them hurled insults at me. Most Ghanaians are often filthy at home, and I believe that we will not be able to rectify this unless we start training the younger generations not to repeat our poor habits. A market is intended to be a clean and serene atmosphere, yet many markets across the country are surrounded by tons of trash on a regular basis, which is unfortunate. This could result in diarrhea and other related ailments as a result of the lack of cleanliness.

According to my personal research, even business vehicles such as the trotro are gradually turning into a garbage dump as passengers leave behind rubber bags and other filthy stuff. They believe that when they get at the main station, the workers will sweep it away, but they are unaware that the same garbage will wind up in the gutters, causing flooding for all of us.

The photo in this article was taken in Accra, Ghana's capital city, under the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange. It's not that some of us aren't patriotic, but if we remain silent on matters like these, remedies may never come. Every day, mounds of garbage are piled beneath the Interchange. Who is in charge of keeping such facilities tidy? How long will humans continue to wreak havoc on the environment? When are we going to stop acting like uneducated people?

It's time to stop. Let's put an end to the needless littering once and for all.

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Enough Is Enough Ghanaians


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