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[Video] Lady Turns Into A Laughing Stock After Her Son Fell On Fufu She Pounded

The rate at which the youth of today put whatever they do on social media platforms can be really unbearable sometimes. They always want the whole world to know what they are up to. Whatever they do irrespective of the place they find themselves, they still want to take pictures and videos in order to post them on social media. Since they receive a lot of comments from people, they continue to do so.

Too much display of what you do and put on social media may not always give you positive results. As the saying goes "too much of everything is bad". This saying is very true. Many at times, people tend to look at the background of where others take their pictures and videos and post them on social media. When these netizens find anything suspicious, fishy or funny, they tend to troll these people.

That is somewhat the case of a lady in a viral video circulating on social media platforms. The video is really trending on social media.

In the video, the lady can be seen cleaning her mortar after pounding some fufu. Looking at the video very closely, you can obviously deduce that she made someone take videos of her before, during and after pounding the fufu in order to post in on social media. Since everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage, this lady got herself into a big mess.

These was one small boy believed to be her son around. The little boy who could be seen to be at least just one year old was playing around where the lady was pounding the fufu. The boy fell on the one of the fufu the lady had dished out and put in a sauce pan. Realizing what had happened, this lady started beating the little boy.

After the video made waves on social media platforms, many people have reacted. They all seem to find the incident very funny. Some are also wondering if that particular fufu the boy fell on would be eaten.

Kindly click on the link below to watch the video;

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