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Meet The Village Where Poverty Made Children And Adults Sell Their Kidney Cheaply (Photos)

All human beings were created by God but in a different way, with different attitudes, different backgrounds and different lifestyle. Some people are enjoying life to the extent that they don't feel like dying anymore, while some are suffering and wishing they had never come to the world in the first place. No matter what we face in life, we should realise that there are some things that we should not be too desperate to do because it may go on to have a negative impact on us in the long run.

We have different organs in the human body that make it function appropriately, and without them we cannot survive or we might even fall sick in the hospital. For instance, the kidney is part of the organ in the human body which is very essential for appropriate functioning of the body system. Human beings are blessed with two kidneys, one of the major functions of the kidney is to remove bodily waste through the urine.

The research we have today is about a country popularly known as Nepal, it is an Asian country best known for having the highest mountain in the world. There is one particular community in Nepal called Hoske, but they are popularly regarded as "kidney village" because they sell their kidneys to those in need of it. It sounds strange to you, right? But it is a difficult reality we have discovered through intense research works.

What happened to them and why they are selling off one of their kidneys:

In Nepal, both kids and adults sell off one of their kidneys to potential buyers because of poverty. Sadly, their poor living has made people from the developed country come in and deceived them into selling one of their kidneys. In fact, according to reports, the buyers always lied to them that the kidney would grow again in a couple of years. The people who buy the kidney from them are called "kidney traffickers", they pay them money in return for the kidney.

Looking at the pictures, you will see a line in their stomachs which shows where the harvesting of the kidney was carried out by the surgeon. Reports reveals that the kidney traffickers are buying the kidney from the villagers at an extremely low price thereby cheating them in the process. These villagers need to be enlightened, they need to be told how dangerous it is for them to lose a kidney.

Is it appropriate for them to sell their kidneys because of poverty? Your opinion is important to us.

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