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60-Year-Old Woman Reveals Why She Didn't Take Her Bath For 42 Years

In an interview with Afrimax, 60-year-old Uhiro Catherine explained why she had not bathed in 42 years.

Before she knew what was going on, Catherine, who revealed that she was born perfectly healthy and lived a normal life until the age of 17, started experiencing severe joint pains at the age of 17.

Because of a lack of financial resources, she was forced to return home from the hospital rather than undergo treatment. A worsening of Catherine's condition left her unable to walk or do anything on her own, so she was carried everywhere.

For 42 years of her life, she was confined to her bed in a room because no one could carry her around all the time.

To make matters worse, she explained that she wouldn't allow anyone to bathe her for more than a few minutes because it made her body hurt.

After Catherine's first story aired, generous people from all over the world donated money to her well-being, and a visibly excited Catherine prayed for God to bless them all.

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