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N/R: Absence Of Streets Lights At Gumani Junction Caused Harm In Tamale.

The residents of Tamale in the Gumani area in the Northern region has appealed for the repair of faculty street light.

The Gumani road is one of the busy roads in the Tamale metropolitan assembly throughout all day and night.

The bulbs on the street lights are all dead and has not been replaced and the area is surrounded by trees which brings total darkness to the area.

But the absence of Streets Lights at the junction has caused a lot of harm to the Residents than good.

The darkness on the road in the night has caused a lot of cars accidents at the Gumani Junction and a lot of people lost their lives.

According to the assembly member of the area, he has been called a number of times anytime there is an accident on that road and he has witness this not less than seven couple of times and more than seven people lost their lives.

The residents narrated that thiefs in the area has used this darkness at Gumani Junction as an opportunity to steal their items.

During an interaction with a lady by Ntv, she said because there is no Streets lights at the area, thiefs broke into her kiosk and stoled her items.

They therefore called on the authorities in the area to look into the matter and solve the challenges imposed on the residents.

This took place at Tamale today 31st March, 2021 in the Northern region.

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