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"Cats And Rats Attend This School Instead Of Human Beings" - Chief Sadly Said In A Viral Video

If one would remember the president's visit to Aflao in the Volta region of Ghana, the you will remember what happened between him and the chief there. It was all about the school buildings that have been left out.

The chief of Afloe has come out once again in a viral video to tell the general public about why he told Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo to commission the E-block.

His main reason is that, since the completion of the school, it has not been given out for school children to learn there. They still learn under trees and unpleasant places. He said, the school has become a school for cats and rats instead of human beings.

"Cats and rats attend this school instead of human beings". He sadly said this and a lot were said in the video.

For reference and confirmation, the video has been attached below for your use thanks.

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Aflao Afloe Sadly Said


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