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May God Help This Generation: See How This Beautiful Lady Almost Killed Herself With Hard Drugs

Africa is becoming the land of alcohol and hard drug consumption recently, the way people are following the footsteps of the whites has been shocking, and it is already hurting our reputation on the African continent. Women are a big part of how a country can be rated as a decent country.

A lot of African women are buying into the white people's culture, that is why the level of immorality has gone up significantly recently. Indecent behaviour and the consumption of alcohol and hard drug is the order of the day in Africa nowadays, and now we are beginning to see some women hurting themselves in the process.

There was a shocking scene of a beautiful lady who was seen taking alcohol and hard drugs which almost resulted in her death. She can be seen falling on the floor and calling for help but unfortunately, she was the only one at the place at the time and nobody could help her out. It is not clear why she decided to drink herself to stupor with a combination of so many hard drugs. Some people were even angry at her because what she has done is very dangerous because she was alone and she could have easily killed herself in the process.

With what this beautiful lady did, it is safe to say that Africa is becoming the home of hard drugs because things have never been this worse before. Our youths now takes any type of hard drugs that could take their lives in a matter of minutes, but things like this were never in existence in the old days.

Our women should realise that they will settle down and become a mother, that is why they should be careful not to ruin their own lives because of unnecessary addiction to hard drugs.

Do you think the lady is normal? Let's hear your own opinion.

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