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Husband and wife relationship

'They were arguing' - Wife, 32, nibbles her husband's nose with her teeth at Bomaa Asukese

Comfort Anane, the woman many thought was calm in nature, has taken off her husband's nose with her teeth after a misunderstanding. Anane Joshua, the husband of Comfort Anane, was going to work this morning when his wife called him back. Sit down, I want to ask you something. Speak, I am running late, Joshua said to his wife before using his left hand to bless the face of his wife. 

Joshua, in anger, used both of his hands and in a simultaneous style, gave his wife two hits on the face after he had already given the wife a first slap with his left hand. The three slaps Comfort took from her husband landed her on their bed before she was able to bounce back with their stereo machine. Comfort with her left hand, took a stereo machine adjacent to their wardrobe and threw it to her husband.

The couple which many thought were enjoying marriage, ended up being separated by their landlord Opanin Twumasi when Comfort was heard crying for help in their room. Joshua on top used his belts and started disciplining his wife for throwing a stereo at him. Joshua, who didn't suffer any injuries from the stereo thrown at him, was filled with anger as he pounced on the wife. 

Comfort was saved from the hands of her husband when their landlord together with other tenants rose to her aid and stopped Joshua from further attacks. Joshua as he was been pulled away from Comfort, wasn't lucky as his nose got bitten by his wife. Furiously, Comfort held onto her husband's nose and in a single bite, took the entire left side nose of her husband.

Joshua in the company of his landlord Op. Twumasi and other tenants in the house, was able to redeem his nose when one of the tenants forced the piece out of Comfort's mouth. Fortunately for Joshua, the nose did not die and has been attached back to his face by surgeons of Tepa Government hospital. 

Op. Twumasi in his narratives blamed Joshua for going beyond the reach of a husband. One slap was enough but to the extent of three slaps, nobody will stay humble for that. I can't blame the wife because the slap might have hurt her badly to the extent of taking her husband's nose off. 

They were arguing and within seconds, the argument had turned into fights. So unfortunate, I have never seen them like this before, Op. Twumasi said. Comfort who has refused to talk has been detained while Joshua is still at the hospital.

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