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The Police Could Be Troubled If This Is True About Kaaka's Family

Investigating the murder of Ibrahim Mahama alias Macho Kaaka could be challenged by the refusal of the family to testify three-member committee on the Public Enquiry of the Ejura Killings. Per an account by investigative journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni of the family's stance on the matter, the conduct of the enquiries had been prejudicing.

Most of the actors responsible in the matter had been called to respond to some critical issues pertaining to murder of Macho Kaaka, and the violent clash between security and the youth of Ejura. None of the family members or relative had since the opening of the Public Enquiry, testified.

This development could be disturbing as it creates quiet a bad impression about the work of the committee. The fears are that similar actions could be visited on police investigations when they call for an interrogation of any the family members.

In a recent interview, the wife of Macho Kaaka, Sa'adatu is threatening with the Qur'an that her in-law; Iddi Mohammed is wrongfully.accused of murder. She believes the neighbour whose testimony led to the arrest of the in-law is being untruthful.

As normal investigations are conducted, having a statement from the family especially the wife is crucial in getting to unravel the case. One question that needs answering is the fact about getting to know where Macho Kaaka was returning from at the dawn (around 1:30am) of June 25 2021, when the incident happened.

Was the wife aware of his late return and did she know where the husband was coming from? Has it been a behaviour of Macho Kaaka to return home late to his home?

A day after his passing, one man who claimed to be a trusted friend if Macho Kaaka, took a Qur'an and sworn that there was some attempts mad on his life by his brother, Iddi Mohammed a reason he goes home in the company of others during the night.

This account needs to be investigated thoroughly.

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