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Be warned. I will mention your name and put you on Live TV.

Exclusive information from Ghanaian broadcaster, Johnnie Hughes to Retirees of the State. This case has trolled up on the internet for several days under the Akuffo Addo's government. Members whose term of service has elapsed yet through menial means demand for extensions.

The Education Minister who was exposed in the previous week with hard copy evidence has angered unemployed Citizens. According to Johnnie, the President, Akuffo Addo had full hand in this, nevertheless his signature was present.

He furthered, to warn all service personalities of the state whom reluctantly won't quit from their positions. That is so selfish to have government employees as such.

Johnnie Hughes also congratulated some members on the show having adhered to the retirement obligation of their service.

Watch the full video on this link

Johnnie Beresford Hughes the Bona-fide Genius as he is known in the showbiz circles is a stylish broadcaster, objective journalist, excellent student, brilliant publicist ,talented marketer, and a professional master of ceremonies.

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