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Woman allegedly Having Sexual Intercourse In Sacred Forest (Images)

A 32-year-old petty trader is facing the wrath of the gods after she and her secret lover converted the sacred home of the gods into their love bed.  

The woman in question, Abena Ataa has been having an amorous relationship with one Mr. Tettey, a married man. Tettey promised to make life very comfortable for Abena Ataa if she gave in to his proposal – an assurance which touched Abena into giving in to his advances.

According to Abena, despite the numerous promises and assurance Tettey made her - including buying her a mobile phone and giving her a sum of Ghc150 to inject to her sobolo business, he was yet to fulfill any of them.

While confessing her crime to the chief and elders of the town, Abena told the gathering of elders that she and Tettey had had countless s3xual intercourses in the forest. She told the elders that Tettey convinced her into having intercourse in the sacred forest because he did not want his wife to know of their clandestine relationship.

‘We have had s3x so many times in the bush because we thought if we do it home, Mr. Tettey’s wife will catch us’

She told the council of elders that for some time she has been seeing a visibly angry, white skinned lady in her dreams. She explains that the woman warns her anytime, she meets her in her dream, against committing such abominable acts. ‘I have been seeing a fair lady in my dreams, warning me to stop having s3x in the bush, she told me she is the goddess of the land. One day I met a fair lady physically and she advised me to performs a sacrifice to cleanse the land and appease the gods lest the gods strike me down’

‘It is for the fear of being killed by the gods that has pushed me before the elders to intercede on my behalf and help me make sacrifices to appease the gods of the land and seek the face of our ancestors in forgiveness.’ In response, the Chiefs and elders of the Affutuakwa Traditional Council in the Central Region, called for 2 rams and bottles of schnapps to perform the needed sacrifice.


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