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Two 2 Babies Found Abandoned On The Street, See Photos

We may be wondering why so many babies are being missing from the communities without being found, even sometimes, we find them not in a good state at all, if they will not be injured, then it' s likely that they will be dead.

Many mothers dump their children they' ve carried for 9 solid months at places where they think a very worthy person will come for them since they don' t have what it takes to take care of them due to financial problems.

Another newly born babies has been found recently. Let' s discover more below.

According to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), it has been revealed that two bodies of newly born babies has been found wrapped in a black plastic bag right at a corner First Street and on Friday.

The police made it clear in a Twitter post stating that there is a massive investigation carried out to figure the reason why these children are there.

" On 20/08/21 at about 1140 hours, two bodies of newly born babies were found wrapped in a black plastic bag at Corner First Street and Jason Moyo, Harare. The bodies were found by a recycle plastic worker in a bin. Investigations are underway. " The police said.

According to neighbors, they found the two babies left abandoned all alone on the street which actually prompted them to alert the police to come for them.

" We don' t actually know what is wrong with some mothers, you gave birth to these beautiful children and left them on the street like this, we were so afraid to touch them since such thing do not usually happen in this area. the police had to come in for them. " One neighbor said.

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