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Arrest this man immediately: He is promoting more Prostitutes and Galamseyers in the country

While some people strive to encourage others to put up the best form of conduct and behaviour in society, others just take delight in bending down the rules for others to cultivate evil deeds.

There are a lot of controversies surrounding our religious, cultural, moral, political and educational arenas that need prudent resolution.

What I think is deepening the wounds associated with all these critical institutions is the way we approach and handle issues in the country.

We mostly allow our emotions and personal sentiments to overshadow the wisdom that fundamentally explains and predicts the required solutions for such issues.

We all are very much aware of the differences in our beliefs, cultural background, socioeconomic and family orientation, however, we need to let the interest of the nation to prevail at all times each time we are confronted with a national problem that needs urgent resolution.

The best people, I think should avail themselves for their fountain of wisdom to be tapped into, by our political leaders are leaders of our religious institutions.

They are the city on the Hill, and since such city is always open and conspicuous for everyone to see, their lifestyle and mode of communication should be one that gives encouragement, inspiration, salvation and better solutions to our national issues.

I must say that, over the years, Ghanaian religious leaders have done their possible best to ensure peace, solidarity, unity and tranquility in the country, and the entire African continent.

However, some of them continue to defile the Temple of God, through certain devilish acts such as money rituals, fake prophecies, fornication, adultery, greediness and words that cause division in the country.

We have heard and seen pastors who have impregnated their church members all in the name of providing solutions to their problems.

Meanwhile, a former Methodist Bishop of Obuasi Diocese, Reverend Stephen Bosomtwe Ayensu has boldly declared that, should Rasta students be allowed to be admitted to Achimota School, then the government should also allow prostitutes and galamseyers to operate freely in the country.

From all indications, he totally disagrees with the ruling by the Human Rights Division of the Accra High Court concerning the case involving the two Rasta students (Oheneba Nkrabea and Tyron Iras Marhguy) and Achimota School.

He has even called on the court to rescind its decision.

Looking at the statement the Bishop said, he is indirectly telling prostitutes and galamseyers to continue with what they are doing, as a way of revenging the government on the outcome of the case.

We all have freedom to speak and express ourselves freely without any form of intimidation or discrimination, but I think this man should be arrested since he is promoting those illegal activities in the country.

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