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Throwback: Kufuor Gets Counted Just Before Presidency.

The National Population And Housing Census is once again here with us amidst mixed reactions from Ghanaians. For many, there is nothing of benefit in the exercise as over the past decades where the exercise has been carried out, they do not see any real gain or impact it has had on their lives. For them, it does not reflect in their income, economic well-being or any improved provision of facilities or accommodation.

On the other hand and rightly so, there are people who reason that the purpose of the exercise goes beyond just counting people or families. Granted, it may not immediately reflect or impact in their personal lives immediately, however it helps in policy formation and projections into the future. For this reason, there are good reasons to take part and get counted.

For the younger folk, this might be the first or probably the second time this exercise is being embarked on. But a little ‘throwback’ would help such people realize that it actually not something new to Ghana. There has been quite a number. One of such is what took place in the year 2000.

A little over two decades ago, one took place like that and we came across an interesting image which shows how the exercise was executed. In the picture, we see them candidate Kufuor and Peter Mac-Manu together with a census official.

On a lighter note, the modesty in the frame shows how far we have traveled in terms of fashion.

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