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Sad : Man Nearly Dies As He Tries Fixing A Transformer

We just can't forget how the electricity company of Ghana(ECG) made us go through our worst days when there was a blackout for about a week in Accra and other parts of the country. 

Once more concerning the ECG, a man who had some knowledge about electricity decided to fix it all by himself, but unfortunately,it didn't go as planned for the young man. 

Prosper Gyasi, who's in his early 20s, is currently at the Twifo praso district hospital due to how badly he got electrocuted when he tried to climb over an active transformer to fix a problem which went against his plans. Without any doutbs,Prosper decided to fix it on his own to avoid paying alot of Moneys to the ECG workers who can fix it and out of ignorance, Prosper Gyasi is currently at the Twifo Praso District Hospital in a critical condition.

According to reliable sources, prosper, the victim, was electrocuted on an early Monday morning (October 24,2022) while attempting to investigate an unknown problem affecting the transformer.

Though the reason why Prosper Gyasi climbed the transformer isn't known yet, we are in no position to check up on electric gadgets we have no knowledge of because the possibility of you getting electrocuted like Prosper Gyasi is really high. The best thing to do is to just call up an ECG worker. If not, don't try doing it on your own, else you will be the next victim. 

Prosper Gyasi isn't in a good condition right now because his doctors and nurses have made it known to the general public that he is in a critical condition and it has affected various parts of his body including his hands, legs, and head. 

As we wish Prosper Gyasi a speedy recovery, let's kindly stay safe and vigilant to avoid being the next victims.

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