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Road Accident

Stop Overloading: Driver Nearly Dies After His Overloaded Truck Fell Off The Road

Overloading of vehicles is one of the key factors which has lead to many accidents in the country as well as this continent at large. Drivers have always been advised to reduce the load on their vehicles by the road safety commission and other prominent institutions but unfortunately, some of these drivers tend to ignore these messages.

A disturbing video of a truck driver propelled me forward into putting together this article, the link to this video will be left at the end of this article. You can check it out if you really want to see what happened.

Many people have fallen victims to the accidents which happens on our roads. I think it is high time we educate our drivers on some petty mistakes they make which leads to the loss of lives and properties.

A truck driver has landed himself into a huge trouble right after ignoring these important messages. Looking at the state of his truck, you could tell he wouldn't go far but that never bothered him.

I do not know where he was heading to but what I can say is, he didn't even reach that destination. His truck could no longer hold the heavy load on top of it and therefore decided to give up in the middle of the road. In the picture below, you do see the wheels above the ground

Aside the fact that the driver had placed himself in a very difficult situation, there is also a high likelihood of a very long and boring traffic being formed since he blocked the road. This man could have prevented such an accident if only he was willing to take the advice of road safety institutions.

We do understand that sending goods to a specific location all at once helps save money but I think it is very necessary to take your health into consideration. Don't risk your life just for any reckless acts, think about the people looking up to you in life. I do hope drivers reading this get to learn something from this, let us come together to fight against overloading. Here is the link to the video

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