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Checkout What A Man Was Pictured Using To Buy Petrol, This Is Serious

A man was captured using a white polythene to buy petrol at a fuel station as it goes viral. Netizens have reacted to this post on how funny and serious what this man is doing is. In some way it is really funny but also serious because of how highly inflammable petrol is.

The post on Twitter.

This man was spotted using polythene which is made from an inflammable substance. It can easily break, or the tiniest mistake can make the petrol pour away. It is highly dangerous to use a polythene bag to buy petrol because the bag itself is sometimes used by most people to set fire.

The bag he was using actually looked like a sachet water bag. The bag used to package sachet water for sale in bulk. That was the risk this man was taking.

Fans reactions to the post.

The most surprising part is, the petrol station attendant never asked him or told him that wasn't accepted and continued to sell the petrol to this man. It is either the station attendant is ignorant or he is just thinking of making bigger sales.

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