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Here Is What Happened To A Man Who Stole A TV from his neighbor's house

After a break-in in a witch sangoma house in Langas Eldoret yesterday, horrible things happened. 

According to a community member, a break-in occurred in the home of a well-known witch doctor, during which a television and other items were stolen. The witch doctor reported the incident to the police and told them that the thief's would surrender because he was about to deal with them miraculously. 

Later that day, there was a man crying for help in the streets, carrying a television and other electronic devices, confessing to stealing them, and he had bees all over his side.

The bees on his hand attracted many people's attention, causing them to look at him and wonder what was wrong. The man was crying and shouting for help, but people were afraid of the bees on his hand, fearing that if they approached him, the bees would bite them. Some were even fleeing when they came across him.

Unfortunately, the thief ran away to avoid being held in custody, and the officers couldn't locate the individual whose belongings he had stolen from so the doctor who went to while receiving medical treatment, and the individual who he was apologizing was taken to found that person in order to speak with them and then took him to the police station. Once the police arrived, they couldn't find the thief, who was making an apology, and nobody could identify him, they had to go to the individual he had gone to apologize and tell her witch doctor's location in order to assist in finding a cure.

This serves as a warning to many that in the lesson that there really are witches out there, and it serves as a caution to avoid property crime, or anyone might think you


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